Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Killer Stuff and Dead Guy's Stuff

Sharon Fiffer has added so much laughter and entertainment to our lives. Her first book, Killer Stuff and her second, Dead Guy's Stuff, started us off on a series of books that we steadily recommend to our customers. The main character, Jane Wheeler, is a "picker," someone who scours sales and thrift shops for antique dealers. She is sort of a "middle-woman," if you will. Jane and her assorted friends and family get into many mysterious predicaments and there is always a dead body involved. Jane is our kinda gal...a collector of fine junk! Don't miss this fictional series! G.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Speaking of Herbs

The Weed & Seed garden club invited Juli and I to talk about herbs and how our original herb garden grew into The Mustard Seed. We met with them at the New Hartford Library and shared a delightful Tuesday morning. The above picture is a snap from Juli’s phone that shows the mini-shop we set up to give them a sniff of the wonderful things we offer at The Seed.

Tuesday afternoon was spent talking and shopping with an emphasis on shop vision planning for the next year. Look out! That ALWAYS means that we are about to turn the place topsy-turvy. This time we are starting with our desk area and refining a space to create our herbal products and sew while we shopkeep. Those are the things that make our hearts sing and that is, after all, the reason the shop grew in the first place. We started making herbal things back in 1994 and here we are…stop in soon and check out the creative chaos! G.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Globes, globes and more globes

Aren’t these vintage globes fun to look at? Chris Takas brought them into the shop the other day and Gail couldn’t resist putting them all together on this old green cupboard. Some of them are banks, one lights up, all of them are just too cool!

We are still operating under Winter Hours during March. Sundays 12-5, all other days 10-5. Hope you come by soon to check out the globes and all of the other new goodies here at The Seed.