Thursday, May 13, 2010

Lilac Time

Juli and our Aunt Kate (a.k.a. A.K.) have been cutting lilac bouquets. They scent the shop and spur us on to charming displays. As soon as the lilacs come, we gather the china, linens and prints that have lilacs, violets or any purple floral designs, mix them with bright green and white pieces and "Ta Da!" Spring has arrived at The Seed.

One of our favorite products to include is the Violet Lilac German-made soap from Kappus. The packaging is delightful and the scent is heavenly. We mix those two scented oils into our own products such as hand soap and lotion, too. You'll find them in our signature dark green bottles!

You can sniff and sample more of our products if you join us this Sunday afternoon, May 16, 12-4 at General Herkimer Home Site just outside Little Falls, near the Thruway exit. They are hosting the annual Garden Faire and we will be returning as vendors, dressed in period costume. Activities really do include something for everyone, young and old. See you there!


  1. Love the green, purple and white of the lilac display...breathtaking! Love to check in and see whats what. Keep up the good work!

  2. We recently visited the Mustard Seed in July. If you like browsing quaint shops with a wide variety of merchandise, including antiques and collectibles, you'll enjoy this place. Lots of treasures. I think I finally found the cream I have been searching for. Her gingham aprons are a sight to behold as is the refrigerator that serves as a display case. Laurene