Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Apron memories...

So much laughter and so many newly-created memories went into this tiny pink gingham apron!

Juli made this little apron ornament during our sewing marathon yesterday. She is a fearless sewer and under the excellent tutelage of her Grammy, Juli's novice sewing skills were definitely expanded. We had four generations working, creating and playing in Gram's kitchen.

We adore the pattern for these ornaments, but then, of course, we adore all things apron-related. The tiny, tiny time-consuming sewing work doesn’t lend itself to creating these for sale, but for decorative purposes…oooooo la la!!

I made three new "flirty-aprons" while she was creating this one tiny one. As soon as we stop playing around with tiny aprons that fit G.I. Joe dolls--there are only grand boys around here, no Barbies to be found!--we will start going through the picnic basket full of vintage aprons waiting to be re-created for sale in The Seed. I feel another marathon comin’ on!

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