Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Winter Blues...and Whites

Transferware, ironstone and vintage china are an essential part of our shop’s inventory. January and early February displays evolve from our love of blue and white china mixed with ironstone. The juxtaposition of the china and the rough-hewn wood of our display cabinets makes our hearts sing!

By the way, the wood for those cabinets was “upcycled” from our building’s freight elevator when it was replaced to give entry to the beautiful Stone Mill Inn, located two floors above us. ( They are a simple bookcase construction atop half of an old, weathered table. Half a table because when two 2X2 legs were added to the rear of each half, we gained TWO display units. The original configuration was the brilliant idea of vendor/customer, Kimberly Farrell.

We’ll be sad to see these displays dismantled to make way for green…wait, green means we are thinking of Spring…time for the Winter Blues to go!!

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