Monday, February 15, 2010

Let's Go Antiquing!

I’ve posted a small picture of a Courier & Ives-style one-horse sleigh that went home with a happy couple last week. Isn’t it charming? I’d like to think it was their Valentine’s Day present to each other, but I didn’t ask!

Today is President’s Day and many couples will take advantage of the day off from work to go “antiquing.” While they may not consciously be remembering or honoring our revered past U.S. presidents, they will be celebrating and honoring the past by looking at and handling many of the treasures that we have at The Seed.

Here are a few of the things that we try to remember when we “go antiquin’.”

l. Pack a bag for the car. Throw in a pad and pen, measuring tape, and a list: include those items that you are looking for (Right now I am searching for a desk that needs to fit into a small place. I carry the space measurements.), colors, etc. Think this through before you go and it will save you a lot of memory-searching while you are visually overwhelmed or distracted by incredible things that you do not NEED but must have!

2. Bring along some empty boxes and wrapping stuff. We almost always have some of these at the shop but stores like Goodwill can't always provide packing materials.

3. Pack a picnic. Inevitably we are hungry during that hour between lunch and dinner and can’t find anything decent to eat. Dried pineapple slices and nuts always get us through—oh, and chocolate, of course! Here in Canal Place we have lots of eateries and good choices, but sometimes we hit the out-of-the-way spots and there is no food for miles…

4. Our favorite tip is to bring along hand-sanitizer and wipes because there is nothing more fun than going through an estate-sale basement, but there is nothing more gross than the grime on the hands afterwards.

Wishing you an antiquing day to remember, and hoping you stop by for a visit real soon. Juli and Gail

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