Friday, February 5, 2010

Intrinsic: adj. Belonging to the essential nature of a thing.

Shop names float through my mind sometimes. Wouldn’t “Intrinsic” make an interesting name for a shop?

We started our little shop back in 1994 after reading an issue of Victoria magazine. It was their entrepreneur issue featuring wonderfully inspiring shops including one called “The Wild Child.” It sold lovely nature-related and vintage garden items. We said: “We could do something like that!” And so we did.

It seems that keeping shop is part of our intrinsic natures. We could make more money as checkers at the local grocery store, but we wouldn’t have nearly as much fun! People we meet often say that they have always wanted a “little shop” of their own. Not one of them ever say: “I’d like to get rich by opening a shop of my own….” Instead they recognize the pleasure of the experience--getting to meet new people, enjoying beautiful things, making art by creating displays for others to enjoy, and so much more.

We notice the intrinsic value in little things everyday. Soft, well-loved vintage aprons, old dog-eared books, chairs with worn wooden seats, and chipped ironstone pitchers.

I think shopkeepers go beyond that to see the intrinsic value in life!

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